Anesthesia Essays And Researches Impact Factor

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The Pan Arab Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists (PAFSA) announced the relaunching of its international peer-review journal focusing on Essays and Researches. Mohamed Takrouri, Professor of Anesthesia, will serve as the Editor-in-chief. “Anesthesia Essays and Researches” journal (AER) is the principal outlet for serving the Arab anesthesia community with rapid, open-access publication of content related to anesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine. The journal scope encompasses theoretical anesthesia modeling, simulations education, technology development, essays, clinical studies and its applications. Topics will include different fields in anesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine. Many features of the new journal will mirror those of the pioneering and highly successful PAFSA publication, including rapid, online open-access publication and availability of free color figures, essays, review articles, and live reference links. The title is new and always new titles help to build emerging fields of study, enhance communication within existing research communities, and stimulate creative discourse at disciplinary interfaces. We believe that well-chosen, properly supported launches play a crucial role in the advancement of knowledge and global research among Arab anesthesiologists. It was a fruitful coincidence that during the same month of relaunching the “Anesthesia Essays and Researches” (AER), the “Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia” (SJA) has been indexed in the PubMed.[1] It is meaningful to the Arab anesthesiologists community since today we have one more journal with international recognition and another potential journal waiting for the same achievement, the AER journal. Professor Takrouri and his crew properly evaluated the potential for success of the AER journal, as it is essential for the PAFSA to examine and discuss numerous topics like contribution to science, the scientific mission and vision of the AER; the likely market for subscriptions; the likely rate of submissions of papers of international levels of excellence; the fit with other journals produced by the Arab anesthesia community; and the enthusiasm of a suitably experienced and qualified editorial team. I believe that all the potentials and topics have met the vision and mission of the journal. Now AER is your journal, and in order to achieve success, I invite all the Arab anesthesiologists to submit their articles to AER. I am aware that the initial step in promoting the AER will be difficult but with the existing dedicated editorial board, AER will reach equal shoulders with other existing anesthesia journals. The main issue is to focus on the quality of articles and to have at least three issues a year published. I am sure this will happen within a short period of time.

Once again, congratulations to the editorial board of AER.


1. Al-Saeed A. SJA is now on PubMed (Editorial) Saudi J Anaesth. 2010;4:45.[PMC free article][PubMed]

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