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Informative Speech Outline Sydney Vaughn Com 1010 Topic: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about events and the toughness gymnastics has on the body. Thesis: Gymnastics isn’t all what it seems in pictures. It is the most dangerous sport for women comparing to men’s sports including basketball, football and hockey. I. Introduction A. Attention getter: Gymnastics is more than just glitter, hairspray and butt-glue. Gymnastics takes strength, flexibility, and mental stability. It combines beauty, grace, athleticism and strength. B. Reason to listen C. Thesis statement: Gymnastics isn’t all what it seems in pictures. It is the most dangerous sport for women comparing to men’s sports including basketball, football and hockey. “ D. Credibility statement: 1. I competed in gymnastics for 15 years. 2. Once I retired I coached and taught younger kids. E. Preview of main points 1. First I will discuss the four different events. 2. Last I will discuss the toughness it has on the athlete’s body. PAUSE: (Transition) II. Body A. The four different Events 1. Uneven Bars- Is often a fan favorite is two separate bars set at different heights. a. Requires excellent split-second timing and upper-body strength. b. The routine should flow from one movement to the next movement without any breaks or pauses, extra swings and additional support like from your coach. c. To be able to release and re-grasp the bars requires precision and courage. Straight body lines in the vertical position and a stuck landing are very important to performing well.

Essay about Gymnastics

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Gymnastics is a sport that requires strength, flexibility, dedication, and determination. However, gymnastics also requires the ability to be graceful and delicate. For many years people have been dedicating themselves to this sport, training for either artistic or rhythmic gymnastics. The sport of gymnastics has been around for many years. Originating around 2,500 years ago makes it one of the oldest sports. People believe that the first "apparatus" used was actually a bull. Men would grab onto the bull's horns and when they were thrown in the air they would try to perform the best stunt before landing (Gutman, 1). Gymnastics originated in Greece where they believed that physical fitness was very important, but only to men. It…show more content…

Along with the previous activities he added the parallel bars and the pommel horse (Gutman, 6). In modern gymnastics there are two different types, one of them being artistic gymnastics. For female gymnasts there are four different events: floor exercise, uneven bars, vault, and balance beam (Gymnastics, 1). When they compete gymnasts usually perform on all four of the events. The first event is the floor exercise. Gymnasts perform on a square spring floor covered in carpet. They can either perform a required routine, which shows only the basic skills, or an optional routine, which allows more difficult skills and more creativity. A floor routine consists of tumbling, leaping, and stationary displays of balance, strength, and flexibility, along with graceful dancing. All of this is performed to music with no words (Gymnastics, 1). The second event is the uneven bars. The uneven bars are two wooden or fiberglass rails held on uprights. The high bar is seven feet above the floor, and the low bar is five feet above the floor. Gymnasts swing from one bar to the other by executing releases and catches. The dismount, which is usually a flip or twist from the high bar, finishes the routine (Gymnastics, 4). The third event is the vault. A gymnast runs down a runway, jumps on a springboard, and performs flips or twists off the vaulting horse. The runway is typically sixty-five feet long, and the horse is four and a half feet high (Gymnastics,

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